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Tearing through Toronto on a groundswell of breezy, gripping slacker rock, non-binary singer-songwriter CJ Wiley doesn’t waste any time. With a message of love, healing and rancour, Wiley’s sound is urgent and undeniable. In ballads twanged slightly country, anthems skewed slightly grunge, Wiley’s musical project leads with their distinct voice, armed with the wit, candour, and energy of an artist with a striking perspective and a heart that demands to be heard. In their wide-reaching catalogue, a spectrum of soulful Sheryl Crow Americana and the electric grumblings of Garbage, sometimes in the space of a single song, they’ve carved out a decisive path for themselves in tongue-in-cheek stories about starting fresh, loss, gender, and how expensive it is to be alive. Wiley’s music is a down-and-dirty-roots-rock revelation into and over the horizon — and they’re bringing you with them.


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